Why Wojak AI Token

Wojak AI Token is one of the most recognizable memic characters in the crypto world, named after the Polish word for soldier. The soldier has become so globally popular that his bland face is used in an infinite number of modifications – memes, films or drawings.As a form of an artistic expression, he is the perfect candidate for a Token representing all the values and feelings of the world of crypto treadeing

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Our Background

We grew out of the crypto trader environment, often ridiculed by the general media, we helped create and develop the cryptocurrency market by participating in it, going through the phases of its growth from birth. Of course, we are not an exception here and we are only part of the community that shapes blockchain technologies, through participation in it. The changing market and technological progress in blockchain technology are ours and many like us. We, as well as many small investors from the cryptocurrency market, are the driving force of the entire market, which was later joined by huge companies such as Tesla or huge investment funds.

Wojiak AI Token Charitable Contributions

Helping Non-Crypto Partners

The Wojak Initiative development team does not want to limit ourselves only to charitable organizations found on the blockchain; The initiative aims to help everyone. Every potential partner the initiative reaches out to that needs help or support bootstrapping their crypto efforts, the initiative will provide video conferencing and guides to help them.

Smart Contract Implementation

Once partnerships have been made, The Wojak Initiative aims to be 100% transparent in the donation process. Everyone hates being “rug-pulled”, so to stop this the developers will utilize what blockchain does best and prove the funds are being sent where they need to go.

Potential Partnerships

The Wojak Initiative is actively campaigning for partnerships with the following organizations: • Habitat For Humanity: A non-profit focused on fighting for affordable housing and helping house the homeless around the world. • Give Directly - Poverty In America: Helps alleviate poverty in the US by giving directly to those who need it. • terrella: New group focused on bootstrapping lobbying efforts for Decentralized Finance in U.S. politics. • Ethereum Magicians: Group focused on helping development efforts in the Ethereum ecosystem; right now they are laser focused on creating a better standard for NFTs to use.

The Wojak AI Token Art Work

Wojak was chosen to be the central theme of this project to emulate feelings of despair that are common amongst Generation-Z and Millenials. Aside from the collective shared feelings that this character portrays, the meme-ability of Wojak often brings laughs and joy to make play at these generation’s nihilistic take of the future. Ironically though, this project will spin this character that portrays a gloom outlook on life, build a community of “Doomers” and help others with the basic necessities of life. This all starts with the center of this project

Wojak AI Token Generative Artwork

Similar to many other successful NFT projects, The Wojak Initiative will also be based around generative art. Implementing generative art massively expands the total number of unique combinations of Wojaks and allows for truly unique 1/1 pieces of art. The collection achieves this by having 8 different layers to each minted NFT to exponentially increase the amount of possible NFTs to be minted.


Wojak AI Token Roadmap


Wojak AI Token
Rarity of Assets

To produce scarcity and NFT uniqueness, the Wojak Initiative has over ONE BILLION combinations. Uniqueness of NFTs was a top priority in this project to ensure that no two NFTs would be similar, and such that no Wojak would have the same traits as another. Additionally, the Doomer Wojak have been chosen to be the dominating character as this character portrays the generation that the project is geared for.

Minting Wojak AI Token NFTs

One of the key advantages of the Wojak Initiative is that assets can be minted entirely in L2, while retaining the security of L1. As mentioned earlier in the paper, there will be a total of 7,777 Wojak NFTs during the genesis drop. All artwork is mintable with inherent metadata that is passed into collection viewers, such as OpenSea. This metadata will be readable from a holder’s wallet and allow interaction with a variety of utilities that relate to the Wojak Initiative. Users will be able to interact with their minted NFT both on the Initiative platform, as well as other potential partnering projects as the development team works to integrate into the crypto community


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